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Paint Day at HOPE Outdoor Gallery in Austin, TX

At least 13 artists of all styles and disciplines came out to display, fine tune, and collaborate their talents with others

Big thank you to HOPE Gallery for throwing this together and Miles for driving the ship full of pizza and waters

Joann Gay getting started

Mr. Marv Crisp Lines

Marv & Kristin Freeman

Kristin Freeman

The next wall over we have Fred Wu laying down some base layers

..and then making sure his paint tastes as delicious as it looks

Luis Angulo going BIG

Tell us how you really feel Bloxx

Helena Martin and @Stella_Rox getting in on their paintings

Lewy V nearing completion

@Stella_Rox and her beautiful lady

Damien Mitchell coming in from Australia

Bloxx & Helena getting towards the end of their process

Miles Starkey adding some eyes to our collab

Pizza Break!

...back to it

And now! the finished paintings!

Marv Riley

Helena Martin

Lewy V


Fred Wu


Joann Gay

Kristin Freeman

Damien Mitchell

and the finished collaboration between Miles Starkey and I!

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