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Cherry Cola Dog Easter Supper Live Painting

You know the Last Supper painting by Leonardo Da Vinci right? This one ->

The owner and curator of Cherry Cola Dog, Tug, wondered what would happen if this painting was reimagined by 10 deranged, disturbed, devious, and dexterously deft artists given a gigantic canvas to work with? Well he got his answer this past Saturday at a Cherry Cola Dog party that brought in the Easter Sunday sunrise

First lines mapped out by JJ Muzacz with Emily Ding waiting patiently to begin


Left to right: Fred Wu, Kimmie Flores, Helena Martin, Eye Dr., JJ Muzacz, Emily Ding, Miles Starkey, and myself

@Stellar_Roz came for dinner!

Kimmie Flores getting detailed

and our deformed, un-digested, sad Hulk, unholy Jesus, ceelo playing, beer drinking, banana eating disciples are complete!

There's a lot of detail in this one that cant be captured via photograph so you're gonna have to head over to Cherry Cola Dog and take in the most unholy of dinners for yourself!

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