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Euphoria Fest Day 3

Sleep deprived? Yes. Dehydrated? Yes. Hungover? Yes. Tired? Not at all, one more day of painting and festivities with a couple new additions to the painting team: JJ Muzacz, Emily Ding, and Miles Starky came to join the party

Emily Ding and her blank canvas

Gage Kelsey talking with his canvas

JJ Muzacz working on his mandala

Jomau getting started on another bench

Finished paintings by all of the artists:

Helena Martin


Jomau's second bench

Gage Kelsey

Emily Ding and Miles Starky collaboration

JJ Muzacz

and last but not least, my finished painting..

Body painting by Eye Dr

Huge thank you to Tug from Cherry Cola Dog for bringing all of us out here to paint! See you next year!

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