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8 Artist Collaboration Mural at Cherry Cola Dog in Austin, TX Pt. 1

Spontaneity in collaboration can make for a exquisite composition. In this case take 7 parts Austin based artists, mix in a shot of New York, and serve over ice with Tug at Cherry Cola Dog.

The artists: Eye Dr, Helena, Gage Kelsey, Jomau, Emily Ding, Luis Angulo, JJ Muzacz, Miles Starky, and myself

Our canvas:

aaaand GO

JJ Muzacz first lines

Eye Dr. first lines with Helena

Gage Kelsey

Emily Ding, Luis Angulo, JJ Muzacz

Jomau getting started

JJ Muzacz on the right and Miles Starky on the left

Eye Dr on the left with Helenas ladies on the right

JJ Muzacz, welcome to Texas

Miles Snaky painting in some finishing touches

Gage Boogers Kelsey

Photos of the completed murals in the Pt. 2 blog post!

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