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Austin, TX Day 3

THE RAIN HELD OFF FOR US TODAY! But the graffiti piranhas did not, bombing the shit out of the wall we had buffed yesterday. Not wanting to use that wall Fred, Emily, and Lyn got to business on the wall right next to it. Buffing the wall and playing the line game to come up with their imagery before Jake (new member of the band) and I got there.. Lets begin..

Great shot taken by Know ATX of us five contemplating our next moves

After that mural wrapped up Fred had to go to work so Emily, Lyn, Jake, and I got to work on another collaborative piece. This time giving it the exquisite corpse treatment and each working on one section of the body, switching every 10-15 minutes.

Lyn started on the head, Emily to the torso, I to the legs, and Jake on the feet

Team Lets Get Horny, Wheres Grandma?!

Some closeups

Thats a wrap Austin. Fucking loved it here, cant wait to come back!

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