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Austin, TX Day 2

After yesterdays collaborations Fred, Emily, Lyn, and I all planned to get together bright and early the next day and get started on the biggest wall we could. Fred & I got there early and started to buff

We didnt have a plan in mind for the imagery so we played the line game, kind of like horse in basketball except we each draw one line on the wall at a time

What came out was some kind of Mechbot cyborg bear hybrid gripping a womens soul

Lyn & Emily showed up and got started on their half

And this is where the day goes to shit.. We all managed to get maybe 30 minutes into our painting before mother nature had other plans and started to downpour rain on us..

This is as far as we managed to get. Holding out until the rain stops or until tomorrow... In the meantime we all collaborated on some canvas' .. These were my two favorites

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