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EcoBean Pop-Up Show in Tarpon Springs, FL

February 21-23 EcoBean Organic Coffee House owner Rachael and her incredible staff hosted me for a 3 day pop-up show. The entire staff were some of the nicest, happiest, and most accommodating people I have ever met, keeping me well fed, hydrated, and laughing the entire time I was there

Along with the great staff came the great residents of Tarpon Springs, FL. My favorite customer of the show was a lovely woman and fellow NY'er named Alma who not only bought 2 prints but she brought me lunch from the best NY deli in town! The women lit up the entire room the second she walked in

During my residency I was gifted a canvas to do a live painting on. Over the span of 3-4 hours I threw together this 3x4' painting

Quick interruption from the local piss-on-everything dog Max who wouldnt stop barking unless I gave him some of my pancakes..

Progress shots:

When art imitates life...

HUGE THANK YOU TO RACHAEL, Audrey, Mack, Shannon, Rachael2, and the entire staff of EcoBean for being gracious enough to host me for these 3 days! It was a phenomenal experience!

A special thank you to John Stavros for setting all of this up and giving me a place to stay!

I cant wait to come back and see everyone again!

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