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Teran Studio: Black & White Winter Gala

That time of the year again, time for one of my favorite art shows in the Hudson Valley, Teran Studios Black & White Winter Gala featuring the works of over 50 artists! Put together by the hardest working man in Newburgh, Will Teran, this years show took over a new space on S. Lander St. and displayed a massive array of works by some of the NY's most talented artists

I was fortunate enough to display three pieces in this years show, two of which were making their debut The first painting I delivered with the paint still wet, finishing it only minutes before dropping off.. Created with all spray paint measuring 4x5'

My second piece on display was a collaboration work featuring drawings by me in a frame built by my good friend Eli. This one caused a bit of a problem for Will, some of the parents deeming it unfitting for their child to view. Some even went as far as demanding he take it out of the show immediately.. Couldnt imagine why...

And my third piece in the show is my tribute drawing to some of hip-hop, funks, and blue finest

One of my favorite pieces at the show, a wire sculpture by Tony Vitek (also the hardest artwork to get a good photo of)

Another one of my favorites were on display, Joe Pimentel

Will Teran on the left

More photos from the show:

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