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NEW Video: Experimental Mural Study

Working on a mural or a painting for an extended period of time can make the artwork begin to feel dull. Kind of like eating the same food everyday for a week. The first few days you're enthusiasm is high but it dwindles over time as the days go by and you're eating sunny side up eggs for the 6th day in a row. Any artist reading this may be able to relate if they've ever left an artwork incomplete so they come back to it at a later date with 'fresh eyes.' This loss of enthusiasm feeling is what led me to make this video below. If an effort to develop a style that can execute a large painting in under a days time a thought came to mind, how would the final outcome of a painting vary if half of it were erased everytime it was completed and then re-finished the following day? Found myself pondering that question and did a 5 day experiment to find the answer

For this experiment I built an 8x8' wall and painted a caricature portrait of a women using only Rustoleum spray paint with the stock cap. This portrait was the base for the next 5 paintings. Each day I returned to the wall after finishing the painting and buffing the wall the previous day. This video captures this study in stop-motion form

Hope you enjoy

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