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NEW Mural in Kingston, NY at Zephyr Float

You're stressed out. We all are. If you're reading this you exist in the age of infinite information flowing and scrolling past your eyes at a speed that's nearly impossible to comprehend. You're being fed fake news, false information, and you have no control over the extent of your Kardashian knowledge. Even if you avoid the K word more then an ex girlfriend you still can name at least two of those narcissists. Sure as hell wish I couldnt. The ability to turn off (your phone, laptop, and TVs) is becoming a rare occurrence and that's not healthy for you. In this vast new age terrain of endless marketing and adverts there's little beacons of hope that offer you the opportunity to shut your self out from the chaos of life and return to the exploration of the one thing that is most important to you, your inner self.

Over the past few years I've heard the three words - sensory deprivation chamber - frequently brought up in conversation. A sensory deprivation chamber, or float tank, is a simple concept: A sauna like room filled with water warmed to you body temperature as if it were a giant bathtub with hundreds of pounds of epsom salts mixed in allowing you to float, experiencing a feeling of weightlessness. The room is sound proof and dark, there's no interruptions, and most importantly there's no screens. Hearing nothing but positive reviews from others who had the chance to experience a float tank it wasnt until O+ Festival began in mid October that I was given the opportunity to spend 90 minutes in a float tank myself.

If you need someplace to escape, if you need a calm area to relax, if the idea of meditation while feeling as if you're floating in warm blanket through outer space sounds appealing to you I HIGHLY ADVISE spending time in a sensory deprivation chamber! HIIGHLLYY ADVISE!

After my float the owner of Zephyr, the very sweet soon to be mother Olga, commissioned me to paint a mural in their (under construction) spa room. Combining imagery we both felt fitting and trying to capture the essence of a float tank experience, the following photos are progress & final shots of the mural. Hope you enjoy! and book your float at!!

Concept sketch:

Starting Outline:

Fills and lets get started..

Before & After:

Final shot:

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