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Tattoo Glory Hole

Ever stumble into a tattoo parlor drunk and wake up the next day to find a tattoo of Princess Peach on your ass because you lost a bet during Beerio Kart? Me neither but Im sure its happened to someone out there in the world. For the very least do you have a tattoo you regret? Made a conscious choice and decided to have it scarred on your body for the rest of time? I did. There's an artist named Scott Campbell who took this concept to a whole new level.

"A play on the infamous “glory hole,” participants will be asked to put their arm inside a hole where the renowned tattoo artist will ink something on their arm from behind the installation without them approving the design first." - Arrested Motion

Rules as follow: Show up to the installation, wait your turn, stick arm into hole, have zero say in the imagery or size of the tattoo, take arm out, reveal new tattoo you have for the rest of your life ... This move isn't for me but I can definitely see the appeal especially if you're a fan of the artist

Check out the video below to see the process and outcome of some fans tattoos - or - click here to head over to his site and see some of the tattoos

in case that video above isnt working, which for 99% of us it wont, here's a shorter version with no real background on the project but gives you a good look into the installation

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