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Stetz Express: New Paltz, NY Pt. 3

If you were walking around New Paltz this past Saturday you may have seen the Stetz Express outside of Mannys Art Supplies on its third and final run of the year.

Unfortunately the weather transitioned from gorgeous sunny Saturday to winter Sunday so we only were able to be open for one day this weekend to show off the new makeover and artwork

Couple of paintings (in progress) made the night before to display..

The day started off on a bad note: in order for the Stetz Express to operate I have to go through the town/parking bureau, obtain the permits required and reserve the parking spaces, no problem at all. The real problem lays in the ignorance of civilians who lack observational skills and park their car in a spot specifically labeled "NO PARKING" for over 2 hours.. Nothing I could do but wait and lose money ..

Eventually the cars owners showed up after the local PD acquired their phone number and gave them a call.. Back to the regularly scheduled program..

Thank you to everyone in New Paltz on these past 3 occasions for stopping by, chatting, and purchasing my artwork! and a special thank you to the random guy who threw me $6 "for gas" !

See you next year!

Some detail photos of the back wall mural before I painted over it..

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