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INT-O Yellow: Happy Spots

I was recently asked by International Man of Optimism and Happiness, Uncle Riley (no relation), to participate in his 'Happy Spots' project. This project is aimed at bringing these 'Happy Spots' to the public in the city of Kingston, NY. Working as public displays of Optimism which help to create a brighter reality, promote collaboration and collectively generated Optimism, heal depression, end suffering and saves lives.

The Happy Spot I was provided with was 6' in diameter, just large enough to fit on the roof of my car and aerodynamic enough to break every bungee holding it down halfway through the drive home before taking flight and breaking in half upon landing

Luckily had some left over rope and a ratchet strap in the car to help hold it down for the remainder of the trip. Got the happy spot broken-but-safely into my studio and got to work.

Laid down some abstract mess before starting her face

Details, details, details, and then a couple hours later we're nearing the end

A few hours earlier this was a giant yellow orb broken in half laying on the side of the road. A shit-ton of screws to reinforce, some base paint to get rid of the road rash, and a couple details later we have our finished happy spot!

Be sure to come by the INT-O Yellow Gallery Thursday October 27 from 5 - 7pm to see all of the happy spots on display and the Midtown Arts District Launch party right across the street!

Keep your eyes peeled on the streets of Kingston, NY for this happy spot!

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