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O+ Festival in Kingston, NY

Early October I was fortunate enough to be a part of the artist lineup for O+ Festival (HUGE thank you to Joe Concra and Denise Orzo!!). Along with John Breiner, Jess X. Chen, and the legendary Lady Pink we all created a mural in midtown Kingston under the theme Mothers of Invention.

My wall is focused on exploring a childs imagination when they open a book. Along with the mothers of invention theme the staff of Peoples Place (NYs largest food pantry) and I worked together to include visuals within the mural that show the services and goods Peoples Place offers the community. Foods, clothing, toys, and games were among some of the imagery included.

Final photo of my mural:

Some progress photos and fun shots taken during the week of working on the mural:

Sketch that the mural was based on

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