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The Degenerates Travel Guide

'The Degenerates Travel Guide' a 50 page book filled with drawings and photographs from a 3 month journey across the USA with no itinerary. A true free for all of exploration, inspiration, and indulging in the great excess America has to offer. I began this trip in February of 2016 at Mardi Gras, then head West along the Southern border all the way up the Westcoast to San Fran/Oakland. From there I traveled across the US ultimately finding myself in St. Petersburg, FL before heading back up the east coast. Along the way I met tons of people, made new friends, created art, and many other activities resulting in stories my parents are better off not knowing about. This book is a collection of some of my favorite drawings and photographs from my journey.

Excerpt from the 'Degenerates Travel Guide'

"Day one of a three month roadtrip across the USA. I had no itinerary, there was nothing planned. Get in the car and go, follow the warm weather. No hotel rooms booked, no road maps, no idea when the next shower will be, no comfort in knowing there’s a bathroom 10 feet away, just a roll of toilet paper in the backseat and pray to the shitgods for clear skies. The drawings, paintings, and photographs you’re about to see are a collection of my favorites from that trip. They were created on the spot , no stages set or pre-sketches done. These documentations are a blueprint on the art of getting lost, adapting, and surviving in a new environment every single day..."

Be on the lookout next year for my book 'Checkout at 11am' that will be an even bigger collection of drawings and photographs from this trip accompanied by the stories that inspired the artwork

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