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Art Around the World

Part 2 from last weeks murals around the world.

Starting off the count is a new work by Zest who painted a mural located inside a Stone Quarry in the city of Villars-Fontaine in France. This might just be my favorite mural of the year, not so much for the imagery but the execution is unlike anything I've ever seen before

Another one of my favorite artists, Dulk. “The Tortoise & Harriet” is Dulk’s latest mural painted in Denver, Colorado for the first edition of the Colorado Crush street art festival.

Italian artist SeaCreative painted a large piece entitled “Mutations” which was created inside a youth center in Cartagena, Spain.

Absolutely beautiful painting by Axel Void in London

And last up Ill leave you with a video about the artwork and process of Niels Shoe Meulman, one of my favorite calligraphers in the world, in his Netherlands studio

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