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Lack of Updates is a Good Thing

April 1, 2016

The absence of updates is due to my time and energy being focused on a project that is much bigger then me. Ive been exploring the US for the past 2 months working on a passion project that I will get more into detail about when it is nearing completion. In the mean time, here are some photos of artwork created by myself and others everywhere from New Orleans, to San Fran, to St. Petersburg, to Savannah, GA over the course of the past 58 days.. Enjoy!


 Savannah, GA



real talk

 mural by Evol in LA outside of The Container Yard

Visitor in Savannah

mural by Evoca in St. Petersburg, FL and a car someone yelled at me for touching


Hinkley, CA

 San Fran

 Santa Cruz

 Morrow Bay

 mural by Dabs Myla & How Nosm in LA


 room with a view in Venice Beach, CA


 Tucson, AZ this photo is shit, go see this mural in person

 painting by Jersey Joe in Tucson


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