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Sofles, Graffiti Mapped

Back in March of last year I lived in Atlantic City for a couple of weeks playing Blackjack and Roulette testing a gambling system I learned when I was a kid. System worked up until the Tropicana skinned my wallet and left me with only a couple thousand in profits after weeks of cold naps in my car and countless hours of small talk with townies who had black holes for eyes

One of the nights I was walking the boardwalk from the Revel to the Trop watching an older Asian guy repetively kick every little pile of snow he could find and got stalled by a lightshow being projected over my head and onto the building to my right. Did a quick YouTube search and Im pretty sure this is a video of it

Immediately a million ideas came to mind with ways to use this form of projected light art and mix it with my own illustrations and paintings. Wrote a couple of those ideas down to save them and hopefully revisit the idea someday. I recently came across a video by one of my favorite Australian artists, Sofles, working with one of my favorite videographers, Selina Miles, who collaberated to do just that, incorporate video, a painting and projected light to bring together something absolutely visually orgasmic. Check it out:

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