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265 hours later..

THE MURAL IS COMPLETE! A combined 265 hours between Sam (if that even is your real name) Van Kleeck and I to complete this mural! Here's the progress photos leading up to the finale

More and more rain keeping our progress to a slow pace

Mother nature finally delivered some sun! But with that came a humid 94 degree day (+ a hangover)

2cans Sam finishing up some clouds

Quick sun shower gave us a break from the sun. This shot is from later in the evening of the previous photo

2nd to last day! Can finally wrap this up tomorrow if theres no rain!

Were you expecting a shot of the completed wall? Not gonna find that here just yet. You can check out the finished mural at 4 S. Chestnut St., in New Paltz, NY. Or if you cant make it, check back in next week and Ill have a photo of the finished mural up for your viewing pleasure.

Be sure to join me and everyone who helped make this wall possible at Bacchus Friday July 10th @ 6p.m. for the viewing reception! Sam and I will have a ton of artwork + photography taken during the mural process on display, free food, plus my boys Ramona Lane will be gracing the stage all night!

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