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New Paltz Wall, 5 day progress report

June 17th I began painting one of the biggest and most structurally difficult walls I've ever worked on. Day 1 consisted of an attempt to buff the entire wall but we ran into a couple problems with the lift. One problem being that it died while fully extended! Leaving me 3 stories in the air, at least the view was nice

Day 2 threatended rain but stayed dry. Spent the day and into the night throwing up some base color with the help of my friend Bryan. Also started a rough layout of the mural. A couple of the locals decided to call the cops and report 2 gentlemen doing graffiti on the wall not one, not two, but three times in 2 days

Day 3 the rain decided to show up. Started adding some more color and working on the flowers at street level. The rain didnt deter an extremely sweet women named Cecile from bringing me lunch. Pulled pork, green beans, chicken and rice, ginger ale, protein bar, and some mac n cheese! Absolutely incredible! Ate every last grain of rice

Day 4, finally some structure starts to come together! My good friend, fellow artist, and collaberator Sam Van Kleek starts his portion of the wall, bringing in some rolling hills and the beginning of the Shawangunk Mountain Range

Day 5 (Fathers Day), rain shows up yet again. Luckily it didnt rain for too long, giving Sam and I a couple hours in the evening to throw back a couple beers and throw up some more paint

Day 6, beautiful day today! Blue skies, hot as hell, sweatin bullets, James Brown playing on the radio and making the most of this rare non-rainy day. Even the people passing by are in a better mood. Had 12 people stop me before noon to say they appreciate the mural going up and bringing some life into the town

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