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Going Coastal Org., Catskill NY

I was recently contacted by a lovely women named Barbara, creator of Going Coastal Org. She brought me to Catskill, NY to paint a mural with a focus on how land and water interact with one another. The sketch we decided on is a twist of the iconic Earth Turtle image, utilizing a fish as the main focus. We are currently on the brink of a global water crisis and continue to pollute our most sacred resource, waterways and oceans. There are millions of humans worldwide who dont have access to clean, drinkable water and we are sending species into extinction due to water pollution. The image I painted shows a fish with a tree growing from its back however, under the water the fish is reduced to skeleton. The painting represents our blind eye to global problems until they directly affect us. Just because we dont see the problem on the surface doesnt mean there isn't a problem to be addressed and hopefully solved.

To check out and get more info on Going Coastal, you can visit their website

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